Application Information for FDU-Vancouver - International Students

The FDU-Vancouver Application Form should be completed by students applying to Fairleigh Dickinson University - Vancouver only.  Students interested in applying to FDU in New Jersey, click here.


Step 1: Prepare an FDU-Vancouver Application

Please use the following check list to prepare your FDU-Vancouver application:

  1. Completed application form with signature (you may apply online or download a PDF undergraduate application form - for Bachelor degree programs).
  2. Pay $40 USD application fee online during the online application completion or by check, money order or wire transfer.
  3. Attested or official transcripts, academic records, diplomas, national examination results, certificates or degrees received from all secondary, post-secondary, university and/or professional schools. Students from India: Please note that we do not accept consolidated marksheets. Individual marksheets showing all attempts, failures and retakes are required. Certified English translation must accompany the transcripts if the documents are not in English.
  4. Two (2) recommendation letters.
  5. TOEFL, IELTS, or Pearsons PTE-A  results sent directly from the testing agency to Fairleigh Dickinson University except IELTS (copies accepted). Include a photocopy of the results (if available) with your application. Please review our policy on English proficiency. (Please refer to the Entrance Requirements section for detailed information or conditional admission).
  6. Copy of information page in your valid passport.
  7. SAT or ACT scores (optional). Copy can be submitted at the time of application; official reuired to be sent if accepted.


Summer 2014: March 1, 2014 Apply Now 

Fall 2014:  July 1, 2014  Apply Now                 

Spring 2014:  November 1, 2013  Apply Now 

FDU-Vancouver’s campus provides full degrees in a setting that is truly unique. Small class sizes makes FDU-Vancouver stand out as the ideal place to earn your Bacehlor and Masters degrees. Study in one of the world’s top destinations.

Step 2: Submit paper documentation to the following address:

842 Cambie Street
Vancouver, BC   V6B 2P6

Or by fax: 604-682-8132 or by email to:

Phone: 604-682-8112
Toll free: 1-877-338-8002 (in North America)
Step 3: FDU-Vancouver will acknowledge the receipt of your application by email, and notify you if there are any missing documents. Undergraduate students are admitted on a ‘rolling basis’and  if your application is complete, a decision on admission and scholarship will generally be made within two weeks.

Step 4: FDU-Vancouver will e-mail your admission decision to the mailing address provided on your application form.

If accepted:

Step 5: You are required to sign the FDU-Vancouver Letter of Offer and pay the $2,500 USD tuition deposit before the deadline specified on the letter.

Note: Tuition deposit is refundable except US$300 Registration fee unless Canadian study visa is denied.

Step 6: FDU-Vancouver will courier or mail you the admissions package, which includes your Letter of Acceptance, and Tuition Deposit Receipt.

Step 7: Apply for your study permit.
If you are not a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada you must take your FDU-Vancouver Letter of Acceptance to apply for a Study Permit from Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Step 8: Prepare for arrival on campus.
Please visit the Student Services web site for pre-arrival information on housing, health insurance, etc. Our Student Services office will contact you with further information. You will also be given instructions on how to set up your FDU Web Mail Account.

Application Forms: